“I like to have Alexander Technique Lessons to “unfold” myself after long haul flights and so I have attended several lessons in Europe, America and Australia. Of all the teachers I know Barbara is my favourite.

She is very gentle, subtle, intuitive, has a great knowledge but also the therapeutic touch. With Barbara I feel that she understands my problem and treats me as an individual instead of following a program. She takes as much time as it takes to get me into shape. I have taken my children and my friends to her and I highly recommend her services.”

Dr Robert Fabian, Anaesthetist

“After 3 months of chronic back pain and trying every remedy short of surgery I was introduced to The Alexander Technique by Barbara. Initially highly skeptical my expectations were low. The results were extraordinary. Not only did the back pain quickly go but in a few short sessions I was given the tool to manage my back for the rest of my life.”

Andrew, Managing Director

“The experience of what felt like “untangling” the muscles in my body released much tension, increased my height, increased my energy levels and put me more at peace with my environment. In addition it has removed my back pain I felt for many years, which doctors treated with drugs. I would recommend this technique to anyone, without hesitation.”

George, Company Manager

“I have always placed a lot of stress on my system, both through work pressures and through demanding physical pursuits such as marathon running. The Alexander Technique is the only method I have found for prevention. I am no longer a helpless “patient” with a “condition” but an active participant with my teacher in restoring and maintaining my own good health.”

Glenda, Scientific Administrator

“The Alexander Technique is the only thing that has relieved the shoulder and back pain that I had suffered from for a couple of years.”

Mary, Musician

“My posture and walk have improved greatly. I no longer have back pain or shoulder and neck tension and I am feeling more self assured. The Alexander Technique is so simple but it changes how I approach everything in my daily life.”

Anne, Lawyer



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