What to expect

One-on-one lessons are tailored to your needs.

The work focuses on working with your thinking to change the habits, which are limiting you or causing pain. As your thinking changes limitations are replaced by thoughts and movements, which are free and empowering.

We progress at your speed, focusing on the work which you need to do. Each week we work until you have a piece of work which you can take away and work on during the week.

A typical lesson has three parts:

Part one:

Table work to align your spine and begin the process of your getting in touch with your thinking and your awareness. “What can I feel?”  “What do I notice?”  “What happened when that muscle let go?” You start the connection of your mind and body.

Part two:

We work on a stool to continue the awareness training of the neck, head and back relationship, or in other words, teaching you how to align the spine, so that you can move in this new way during the week.

Part three:

Involves putting your learning into practise. We work in the area of your greatest need and then move out into a wider field of activity until you have the confidence to apply The Alexander Technique in each moment of your life.


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