Session info

What is involved in an Alexander Technique lesson?

Lessons begin with you lying on a table. As you relax, Barbara helps you to gently and systematically release tension from your body. You then move to sitting on a stool and Barbara teaches you how to align your head, neck and spine in a way that allows these to move as one unit. You will then stand and continue working in the same way, i.e. thinking about the alignment of your head, neck and spin as one unit, as you stand and walk. From there, your lesson will develop into personalised work specific to your needs.

Do I need to wear any specific clothing?

Choose comfortable loose clothing

How often should I take lessons and for how long?

It is recommended that you have a weekly lesson. This is optimum for maintaining the continuity of the learning process. It is also more economic for you as you will achieve your goals more quickly. Once you have achieved your goals, you may choose to have a lesson once a month, or as often as you choose, in order to achieve maximum health care. Think of it as a tune-up – you service your car regularly, how often do you allow yourself the same care?