The Alexander Technique in the Workplace

The Alexander Technique is about how you use your body in whatever you do.

Paid work or non paid work. We should use our bodies as they were designed in order to enjoy optimum performance. That means the ability to use your body safely, efficiently and with a great range of freedom. The Alexander Technique offers you a template of psycho-physical responses which allows you to:

  • Sit safely and dynamically at your workstation
  • Work at your computer for long hours of concentrated focus
  • Work safely and freely doing manual handling tasks or activities
  • Look good, sound good, feel good as you meet and great clients
  • Approach clients and colleagues with a tall, confident posture which is dynamic, relaxed, and open rather than fixed, stiff and artificial
  • Resonate your voice rather than have it breathy, shallow, rushed and coming from the throat
  • Breathe efficiently to give you Presence which facilitates active listening
  • Be focused and spontaneous in your responses allowing creativity in your planning and problem solving
  • Have the energy to complete all that is in your diary for the day
  • Manage pain, stress, tiredness and the fatigue of the work place
  • Have the poise and confidence to approach colleague/s who may intimidate you.

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