The Alexander Technique for Performers

The Alexander Technique teaches Performers how to free their body from habits which limit their performances.

It teaches a way of Being which allows ease, spontaneity, naturalness and Presence without attachment to any particular acting technique or music pedagogy.

Everybody’s birthright is to enjoy a free body and a unique voice, able to convey emotion, thought and intention as well as artistic movement. In order to free the voice or the expression of sound you must free your instrument – yourself.

When you can do this you will delight an audience with true spontaneity, energy, confidence and joy because you are yourself in your performance.

Performers need to be on their breathe, have a voice that is embodied, have a correct body map and be moving freely and softly from their joints so that they give their audiences an experience of auditory and visual excellence.  For you, as the performer, it must also be a kinaesthetic experience – you must feel it inside and outside the body. The Alexander Technique is ideal for performers.

Performers train as hard as athletes. All Performers need to be able to re-direct their tension and direct the way they use their body in order to achieve graceful co-ordination. The Alexander Technique trains performers to a high level of sensitivity and awareness and gives them the skills to produce an artistic and memorable performance.

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