The Alexander Technique for Improved Breathing

Breathing for Health

Breathing is the most natural process of the body.
The only work you need to do around breathing is to focus on “not doing.”
Babies do not go to yoga classes!

  • Where is your breath when you speak?
    Does it support you?
    Does your voice resonant?
  • Where is your breath when you exercise?
    Does it support you?
    Are you able to exercise for longer periods of time?
    How long does it take you to recover?
  • How are your energy levels?
    Do you feel tired or lack energy?
  • Do you hyperventilate?
    i.e. over breathe in the upper chest.
  • Do you catch yourself holding your breath?
    Under breathing and over breathing are common health issues.
  • Do you breathe through your mouth?

Efficient or improved breathing results from good posture which gives structural support and good co-ordination.

The Benefits of Efficient Breathing

  • You sleep better
  • You are more alert
  • Your speech is energised and dynamic
  • Your voice resonates and has its unique timbre
  • You have more energy
  • Your complexion is radiant and youthful
  • You give off a good energy or a “vibe”
  • Your intercostal muscles are tuned and continue to support good breathing
  • You are able to circulate more oxygen rich blood through the body which:
    • Reduces infection
    • Improves stamina and endurance
    • Creates a feeling of wellbeing and relaxation
  • Your body functions (organs, muscular-skeletal system) more efficiently
  • You keep your lungs clear of coughs and bronchitis

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