It is a myth that The Alexander Technique is only for actors. The Alexander Technique is a re-education process which benefits everybody as it teaches how to replace habits with a dynamic use of the body. This consciousness is not only in physical movement but also in the way we think and feel. The result is a highly refined body awareness which improves over-all health such as posture, co-ordination, breathing, muscular-skeletal pain and sense of well-being.

Betsy Polatin, Master Lecturer at The College of Fine Arts School of Theatre, Boston University, expresses it this way…

NEW YORK (WABC) — Could a “secret” that actors have been using for years actually help all of us in our daily lives?

The key to being more confident might just mean making a few small changes in everything from how we walk to how we stand.

“All the world’s a stage,” said Betsy Polatin, Author of “The Actor’s Secret”.

And all the techniques actors use for posture and presence can help you in your everyday life.

“Your whole body comes more up and open and free then you walk in and you can ask for that raise,” Polatin said.

Through workshops and her book, Betsy Polatin reveals “The Actor’s Secret”.

“‘The Actor’s Secret’ is that you have a choice,” Polatin said.

The choice to move in a different way, by using a combination of breathing coordination and the century-old Alexander technique. The goal is to reteach the body to release tension and distribute weight more evenly. That means better posture and hopefully less pain.

“And also just in a better mood, more productive and I don’t hurt as much at the end of the day,” said Andrew Mayer, an actor and musician.

“I’m calmer, I’m more relaxed,” said Lily Narbonne, a teaching artist.

As your walk or sit, Betsy says think of “support and suspension”.
Lift up, but don’t arch your back.

“Let your head lead yourself up let your back lengthen instead of compressing back here,” Polatin said.
Another tip is the next time you’re on the spot, in front of the camera or your boss and you’re feeling nervous, the first step is to feel your feet.Just feel the ground to get you grounded and out of your head.

“When I can connect to the ground I can just let that support carry me, I don’t have to make it happen,” said Karl Baker Olson, a producer

“It’s funny you see the city in a completely different way, you engage with people in a completely different way,” said Alex Mandell, an actor.

You might be thinking this all seems strange and subtle, but they say that’s the point.

“The whole point is to just allow an experience to happen. If you’re so preoccupied with trying to make something happen, you’re going to miss what’s actually happening,” Mayer said.

The next time you happen to be on a job interview or a date, try it and see if it works.
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