The Alexander Technique

What is the Alexander Technique?

The Alexander Technique is a subtle process of re-education. It teaches students to become aware of the way they use themselves i.e. think, move and feel in daily life.

You learn how to “undo” the movement patterns and habits that are harmful and how to replace these poor habits with improved patterns of movement. The result is a highly refined body awareness and re-education of inappropriate muscular tension creating ease and flexibility in the body.

In what ways can the Alexander Technique help me?

The Alexander Technique can help alleviate specific bodily pains including back, neck, shoulder, other limb pain or head aches. It is about addressing the causes rather than the symptoms of pain.

In addition, it can aid more general complaints such as lack of energy, low self esteem, excessive tension, anxiety and even depression.

It also aids people interested in promoting good health, youthful radiance and maintaining good health in later years. It is a wonderful performance enhancement tool for actors, singers, musicians, sports people or people seeking excellence in their career through excellent presentation and presence.

Benefits of The Alexander Technique:

  • It is gentle
  • It is non-invasive
  • It re-aligns your body
  • It is educational – it gives you tools to look after yourself
  • It is holistic – it is about the whole body and your thinking
  • It is an evidence-based practice – the scientific research is out there
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  • Teachers have a three-year training at approved training schools
  • Health Insurance is payable on lessons taught at this Practice

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